About PiN

PiN : Mission  “The Reincarnation of waste”
New life of waste :

Determined to revive the creation of new scrap ,the beauty and  the value of waste
New Life of Welder :

The enhancement of Thai craftsmen to be honorablewith dignity and pride in his own craft.

PiN : Materials
Reuse of materials and re-create possibilities.From the repetitive process of the door and window parts in the industrial system. There are a lot of waste and a variety of forms, which are all. Scrap ready to be sold as heavy waste. With this concept, we have taken the rest to come back to think and re-design (re use) as home decorative products. Interestingly, it can also be used as a work in other forms of beauty and many other benefits as well as help reduce environmental pollution. More than scrap.